WiFi Antenna Positioner

A moving tracking antenna positioner enabling the internet aviation experience on aircrafts with lighter weight and smaller swap volume adhering to DO-160 of the American FAA.

Electro-optics payload (EO/IR)

High precise Electro-optics payload (EO/IR) Gimbal system for aviation industry. High level of axis direct drive system leads to immediate and accurate movement which complete the optical system performance.

Oxygen pumps FDA test stand

Automated Test stand for an oxygen pump able to test 100 pumps in parallel inside a thermal incubator comply to FDA regulations.


Surgery colonoscope with self-cleaning and anti-condensation patented mechanism.


Telescopic motorized camera crane used in live TV studio for the cinematography industry.

Marine pedestal

Designed for wet / salty environment with minimum maintenance and low cost. This unique (customer) patented system was designed by Motion Dynamix to allow satellite tracking from Yachts and boats using state of the art mechanical technology. The system combines different metal types, unique bearings and build to print motors. A product of SigNext.

Portable and motorized positioning binocular w/ tripod

Portable and motorized tripods capable of positioning up to 20[kg] of a high precision optical payload platform. The axis accuracy that meets the design to measure an absolute position in the three-dimensional space. The system is a remote controlled system with manual capabilities. A strong drive system in use for high speed movement and position hold under difficult environmental conditions. The system unique design helps the operators to preform controlled movement due to viscosity dumping on the rotation axis and electronic brake/fine drive.

SATCOM Antenna positioner

Innovative flat panel High accuracy antenna positioner with mobile SATCOM connectivity for live saving emergency communications and real time combat coordination. Mechanical system works in -40 +80 Celsius, achieving 0.8 M/rad accuracy and repeatability in both vertical and horizontal bases. System works at 200Hz to allow maximum connection and tracking. A product of Starling Wireless.

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