Integrated reducer

Integrated reducer (Gear) for electic motors integrated into electric vehicles platforms.

Rain Deflector

A patented Rain / Dust Deflector An 3,000 rpm spinning lens mechanism removing water, dust or other material out of lens to allow clear view. Applications: Trains, Boats, Defense, Medical etc.

Gear motor w/ Dual Encoder

Framless torque motor with integrated gear and dual encoder for small size applications, 11Nm within 95cm diameter and 55cm in length.

Door lock Motor

Motorized door lock for "Multi-Lock Enter" popular home smart entrance system.

Fan motor for avionics communication system

A special motor with integrated drive to control the fan for F-15 aircraft communication system.

High Vacuum valve

Inline vertical high vacuum valve with electrical and pneumatic operation.

Lidar - Laser radar sensor

A Laser radar sensor (LiDAR) for autonomous driving system.

Sealed Integrated motor gear and drive

As low as -62 deg cel and sealed IP68 up to 100m integrated motor gear and drive capable of delivering 100,50 and 35W power options used in under-water robotic applications.

Gear Motor with zero backlash for clean room

Motor and gear with zero baclash, sealed to adhere to clean room regulation for the semi industry.

Shutter control motor

A Small footprint, silent and zero backlash motor to control an electric shutter.

NUC shutter

Rotary NUC shutter for highly sensitive thermal IR cameras with silent operation and zero vibration interference designed to meet the most challenging operating conditions of infrared imaging systems.

Motorized fingers

Customizable soft robotic hand exoskeleton for rehabilitation of strokes.

Steering electric actuator

Single wheel high precision high power Steering electric actuator.

Lazer night vision and day camera switchable mechanism

A lazer night vision and day camera switchable mechanism for thermal and day surveillance camera.

Dual Servo Drive

A DO-160 dual-drive package with dual 100W channels, dual encoders, with RS232/485, CanOpen and Ethercat communication for the aviation industry.

Focus motor for Cinematography lenses

Low noise camera's lenses remote focus control kit.

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