about us

Motion Dynamix brings value to its customers by combining Engineering, Metallurgic and Magnetic know how and capabilities. We provide complete solutions for the entire design process. From the Research & Development stage, thru Engineering to Production processes and up to Production file sustaining Engineering and outsourcing training during the NPI Process.

Design To Cost and Design To Manufacturability are main foundations in MD design process and APD (Advance Product Development) process. We achieve these targets by using in house prototyping and top CAD software capabilities that are inseparable from our design process.

In our design and products, we focus on accuracy, innovation, high reliability and low cost and offer full turnkey solutions as well as focused design. Motion Dynamix integrates into its products and design patents and solutions at the component level as well as at the complete system level. Patented maximum torque/volume gearboxes, patented zero backlash gearboxes and high standard subassemblies are being integrated to achieve maximum power and accuracy using minimum volume and cost.

The business has started in 1994 with the foundation of SPF company to support the high precision motion projects in the cinematography and TV broadcasting market. With the invention of the rain deflector solution in 1999, Spintec technologies was formed to support the international sales infrastructure worldwide. In 2009 SPF and Spintec companies were integrated into Motion Dynamix to enable and support the growth in high precision motion solutions portfolio that has broaden to defense, commercial, aviation and many other industries since then.

Motion Dynamix develops, design and manufactures high-precision motion systems and electro-mechanical elements tailored to customer needs by using unique and patented motion. The solutions are designed to meet a wide range of applications and industries, among are, aviation, defense, automotive and industrial market sectors and are capable to withstand a broad range of extreme environments and conditions such as high pressure, light weight, low and high temperatures, high altitudes and extreme vibrations.

Daniel Sherwin


BSc. in Machinery Eng. from the Technion – high institute of technology in Israel with 30 years in Engineering, developing moving mechanical systems and unique technology. Mr. Sherwin’s inventions were a basis and core technology for a few organizations. Some of his products and inventions were patented in different markets around the world, using different applications like Medical, Photography, Defense and Motor industry. Mr. Sherwin is also a professional leader for students that are working on their final Bsc.