Technology-category Elements

elements_9_1786014910 FMG6

Low noise camera remote focus control kit

elements_9_2479619337 A Slim DC based Gear motor

For maximum power / space compromise


elements_9_840504268 A stainless steel covered Gear motor

For Clean Process / hard conditions applications.

elements_9_2479619337 Zero backlash reduction gear head

Ratio 12:1 – 6500:1.
Input speed 40K RPM.
Efficiency up to 98%.
Max output Torque up to 3.2 NM.

elements_9_410950147 A patented Rain / Dust Deflector

An 3,000 rpm spinning lens mechanism removing water, dust or other material out of lens to allow clear view. Applications: Trains, Boats, Defense, Medical etc.