Avi Levy


BA in accounting from the Hebrew University, with 20 years of experience in finance working for private and public companies. Prior to Motion Dynamix, Mr Levy was the CFO of a $250M organization dealing with investments, mergers and holdings.
During his career, Mr Levy developed business plans for several organizations, combining operational approach, tax and fund raising.

Daniel Sherwin


BSc. in Machinery Eng. from the Technion – high institute of technology in Israel with 30 years in Engineering, developing moving mechanical systems and unique technology. Mr. Sherwin’s inventions were a basis and core technology for a few organizations. Some of his products and inventions were patented in different markets around the world, using different applications like Medical, Photography, Defense and Motor industry. Mr. Sherwin is also a professional leader for students that are working on their final Bsc.

Asaf Siman-Tov


MBA with honor from the Hebrew University, with 15 years of experience in financial and management positions. Prior to Motion Dynamix, Mr Siman-Tov was a Managing Director and a divisional Financial Controller at MKS Instruments(NASDAQ MKSI) where he was responsible for 10 mergers and acquisitions around the world, running due diligence processes and integrations. Mr. Siman-Tov was in charge of Finance, IT, Legal, Business Development, Operations and Production. During his career, Mr. Siman-Tov was part of a team that created lean and fast growing organizations.